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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Greet the day with a song!

When I was in Primary....lo those many years ago.....we were called the Homebuilders. The separate classes were Larks, (9-10 years old) Bluebirds (10-11), and Seagulls(11-12). As I remember it was really a course then on helping the girls become focused on being homebuilders, thus the name. We learned skills of homemaking in the class.

One of the skills we learned was to embroider, which I would say most little 9-10 year olds are not learning these days. We made a sampler with cross stitching. Mine was on kind of a burlap sort of material in a buff color. I chose to use three shades of pink for the main part of the sampler which gave the motto's of each class "Greet the Day with a Song", "Make Others Happy", and "Serve Gladly".

I came across my sampler not too long ago and though the workmanship left something to be desired, I pondered the words on the sampler. I think I embraced those words because I find that these are some strong motivations for my whole life.

Loving music so much I do greet each day with a song, or two, or fifty-five. My kids used to love it when I would greet their day with a song when they were young. I remember many groans and pillows pulled over their heads as I sang loudly; "Good morning, good morning! You've slept the whole night through. Good morning, good morning to you!"

Making others happy is my goal each and every day. I went through a period not long ago of hating having to go to work. I woke up each morning and didn't greet the day with a song, and the first words running through my brain were "I hate my job, I hate my life!" This was probably because I had a 1 to 1 1/2 hour drive to work and I didn't want to work. It was not part of my plan for my life. Oh, I have always worked, but it was my choice. Something to be able to give my kids, and later my husband and myself extra money for extra things. It was no longer a choice...I HAD to work, I HAD to bring home that paycheck. Yuck!!! There is nothing like not having a choice to kill the joy of life. But one day I realized we always have a's a matter of perspective, a matter of attitude. I just needed to take look from a different view. When I thought about what my purpose in life is, what talent and gift were given to me I realized I didn't have to go to work for that paycheck, I could go to work each day to touch, or even change lives. That little adjustment in attitude is all it took to make me wake up each morning with a yawn and a smile. Now I say "I love my job, I love my life....because I can change the life of everyone who walks through my office door, or is on the other end of a phone call. My purpose in life is to "Make Others Happy".

It doesn't take much effort, just a smile, a nod, calling them by name, being interested in them and yes serving them gladly. No one wants to walk into an insurance means they have to pay, they've had an accident or other trauma....but if you walk out of the office knowing someone cares then it isn't so bad after all.

This is what I do at work, but of course I try to do it with those I come in contact with. The bonus is that when I remember to I have a happier life.....I want to get out of bed each morning because it is all going to be worthwhile!

I never purposely tried to live the values on that sampler that I made in Primary as a child, but I wonder sometimes how much they subliminally affected my life.

xxxGreet the Day with a Songxxx
xxxMake Others Happyxxx
xxxServe Gladlyxxx

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Wow, I have a blog!

I don't really know what to do with a blog. I guess it's a way for others to keep up with me and probably for me to keep up with myself too.

It seems the number one rule for a blog is to never, ever put in writing something you don't want others to remember about you....especially your grandchildren. So Hailey and Madyson I hope you will always respect your Gramma!

More to come...I guess!