Trosper Family 2016

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Let's all sing like the birdies sing.....

It is 12:05 am and I am up. I have been trying to sleep but the birds in my tree are keeping me awake. Actually it is quite a nice way to be sleep deprived.

It is not one little bird....I know this because there is a cacophony of sounds. Well that's not quite right because that indicates it was unpleasant and it wasn't. After investigating I think there were only two birds, but they weren't experiencing just one emotion each, they were having a multitude of emotions.

I tried to imagine what could have been causing the variety of tunes...some sweet musical melody, some warbling, some high pitched screeches. You can imagine what activity came to my mind. But maybe it was more than that. Maybe there were some little birdlets making there appearance into the world in a little nest in my tree. I can imagine two parents expressing joy for this kind of event with all those noises. Maybe there were three birds in a love triangle. One expressing in poetic voice his love, one sparring with piercing cries, and maybe the warbling was the female trying to play a mediator between her two suitors.

At any rate....whatever was being discussed in my tree in the front of my house was a very long conversation.....over an hour. It was loud enough to keep me awake in the back of my house, over the freeway noise outside my bedroom window.

From personal experience I wish I could in fantastic bird voice tell my feathered neighbors that if it is a happy moment they are enjoying that they should cherish it because it may pass too quickly. If it is a sad or tortured emotion, I would encourage them because this too will pass and be replaced by other moments and other emotions.

Goodnight little birdies.

Postscript: Did I say an hour? Those birds woke me up at 3:00 am, and again at 4:30. When I got up at 5:30 they were quiet. Perhaps they were worn out from a very long commentary, or maybe they just moved on to someone elses tree. It did keep me awake, but I loved the little observance of their life. They are normally so quiet we can easily take them for granted. It might be good if more of the Lord's creations could scream in our ear to remind us of their existence. Thank you God for all the little birdies and the other beauties of nature that are just beginning to wake up, be re-born and renewed for Spring!