Trosper Family 2016

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Magic Wand

I was given a magic wand yesterday. Better than that I was given the opportunity to use it. Use it to fill my life with all the mystery, happiness, joy, love, or intrigue that I want. What potential can be held with this new wand? I can hardly imagine. It has been a long time since I considered all the power that a magic wand could possess.

Several years ago when my granddaughter had achieved a certain amount of success in her potty training she was allowed to explore Toys R Us for a reward. She chose a magic wand. Dancing around the store, she tapped amused strangers with her new wand granting their wishes. With great flourish and fantasy she mimicked her favorite Fairy Godmother saying, “Pooping and peeing makes all your dreams come true. Pooping and peeing makes all your dreams come true!” At two years old Hailey already knew that happiness could be possessed by dreams granted. How long has it been since I even allowed myself to wish or dream? Or even knew what I wanted to wish or dream?

I never really needed a wand because I had a fairytale childhood….is it even popular to say that anymore? My parents created their very own magic. They danced around the house in each other’s arms with twinkles in their eyes…at least it seemed that way to me. I could almost see the bird of happiness sitting on my mother’s shoulder as they shared a kiss, two short pecks and one long. I dreamed of creating my own magical kingdom so I married my Prince Charming 45 years ago. As time went on we had 3 handsome Princes who charmed our lives. We shared so many of our own “Once upon a Times”. The Kingdom of Trosper grew as each son took a beautiful bride. Now we have 4 cute little Princesses and one more on the way. Every fairy tale has it’s villain and two years ago the unimaginable ogre, “Divorce,” crushed my fairy tale kingdom.

Now what? That’s how I came upon this magic wand. It was given to me by my Fairy God Psychologist to help me see the possibility of creating a new chapter for myself. Perhaps it’s only the child within that can believe in the possibilities. Did I lose that little child in me? It would be worthile to explore getting to know her again, if only to re-discover the magic held in this magnificent wand.

If I were to design my own wand it would be crowned by a big red heart. This is appropriate because even if I’ve temporarily lost my belief in the “magic” of dreams, I have never lost faith in the power of love. So maybe with image of a little girl, a wee belief in the “abracadabra” or “bippity boppity boo” magic of dreams, a sprinkle or two of love, and the counsel of my new Fairy Godmother I can find some old fantasies, or create some new possibilities.

I close my eyes tight and with great flourish and fantasy wave my little wand and mimicking my little granddaughter I say “just wish and hoping can make all my dreams come true! Just wishing and hoping can make all my dreams come true! Just wishing and hoping can make all my dreams come true!”