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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Words to Live By--Believe

I have a little pillow hanging on my doorknob, it says "Believe, 'All things are possible if you believe'." The actual quote from Mark 9:23 King James version says "Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things [are] possible to him that believeth."

There are so many things I believe and it does make things possible--maybe because I simply "Believe". Some quick things that come to mind are:
1) I Believe God created us to have joy. Because I believe that I look for joy even when things are tough, and, I find joy everywhere.
2) I Believe all people are good. I usually don't have a problem finding the good in everyone. Maybe they don't "believe" they are good, so they may take a path away from the good in them--but intrinsically they will find their way back when they learn, then "believe" they are good.
3) I believe we can learn from our trials, challenges, and mistakes. We have to own them first,
then "believe" we can do better, and help others too.
4) I believe by leaning on the Lord we can overcome and do things way beyond our perception of our capabilities.

Okay, now here's the negative. If all things are possible if we believe then that would mean the converse is true--things aren't possible if you don't believe. So maybe that's the reason I can't find the energy to walk, to exercise. Maybe because I believe I can't lose weight, I don't. So if change that mind set to "I believe I can lose weight"--then it should be possible . That's kind of exciting because I do intently agree with that scripture, and it doesn't say--most things are possible of you believe, it says ALL things are possible if you believe. So it must be. I need to change that belief that I can't lose weight. How do I change my belief system? Affirmations maybe?

Belief--All things are possible if you believe.
I believe I am a Child of God.
I believe God wants me to be healthy
I believe if I exercise each day I will be more healthy.
I believe if I drink water I will be healthy
I believe if I eat good things I will have a healthier body.
I believe if I do these things I will lose weight which will also help me to be healthier.
I believe these things are possible if I believe.

As I am writing this article I am thinking of our Articles of Faith which with the exception of #11 all begin with "We believe" . These are 13 short statements that explain the "Beliefs" of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

I am grateful to know all things are possible if I believe. I am grateful to believe in positive, hopeful things that I want to be possible. As I struggle with conflicts of my soul, or my life, I can be directed very quickly to just adjusting my belief system so that I can move forward,.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Words to Live By

I have always loved words. There are so many positive quotations or cliches that I have committed to memory, and I collect so many others. Even pondering a simple word can change my course.
Several friends gave me journals when I left Southern California. They know that I think alot and like to record some of those thoughts. One of the journals was labeled "hope" which happens to be one of my favorite words, so I decided to write on individual words in that journal starting with hope. Since then I have written down 52 words to write journal entries or blogs about. These are words I like to live by, starting with hope.
I think "hope" has become my favorite word in the English language. In Spanish "esperanza" is hope and it is a beautiful word too. Hope might be the difference between moving forward through trials and challenges, and sinking into the quicksand of despair. Those who have hope might be described as optimists, and those who live in regret and despair as pessimists.
I imagine God sending our little spirits down with certain gifts or talents. How lucky is the little spirit who receives the gift of "hope" already installed as a standard item. It can always be added as an optional feature of spirituality even if it wasn't standard equipment entering earth life. As with most traits we want to acquire, a spirit of hope can be developed.
If you are looking at life as "Poor me. Why do the bad things always happen to me?" That that is what you'll find. If you are determined to look forward "with a perfect brightness of hope" that is what you will find.
God doesn't give us trials--life does. Satan makes them bigger and badder if we let him. God gives us hope and help if we just ask Him. I've read alot of scriptures and quotations on hope and they all indicate hope comes from God. So really, all we need to do is open our hearts, and our despair, frustration, grin thoughts can turn to hope. Hope for a path to take, for a rainbow in our lives, for gratitude, for love, knowledge, even joy.
In my own trials I found that I was given the gift of hope, and yes I am an optimist. It's not always a popular attitude in a very sad world. People think there is something terribly wrong when things are tough and you aren't angry and you don't groan enough. There is always sadness and grieving, but that is a different thing than giving into it, or giving up. I began to think there was something wrong with me, so I tried to find those attributes of unhappiness--crazy!! That did make me unhappy. Then I realized the tremendous difference in hope which I saw as looking forward and upward, and in regret which involves looking backward and downward.
Even in momentary times of despair, we can embrace hope for a better tomorrow.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Catching Up!

It seems impossible that my last post was in October. My life has been such chaos since that time. I think it is all becoming more normal again.

I found out in October that I would be moving in November. But I didn't know where. I started analyzing all my options, which I was so fortunate to have. So many friends and family members offered me a place to stay....I couldn't believe the love I felt. There were many reasons (mostly friends) I wanted to stay in Sun City specifically, also it was one of the most affordable opportunities, but that would mean continuing to drive to Chino every day to work. That was true of many of the friends offers. Of course I considered moving to Utah...both St. George and Utah County areas. But that would mean leaving Jimmy, Samantha, Hailey, Mady, Scott, Cynthia, and Grace in addition to all my California friends.

One thing I really became convinced of is that I needed my own space. I realized that even if someone would let me live with them, it would require them giving up so much, and that would be so difficult for me....even if they were willing. Frankly, I fully grasped the reality that I have lost so much in the past few years, and now I was losing my house, I needed to try to keep my own identity and my own nest.

I have always been a "nester". It is so easy for me to relate my family to a "bird family". Putting together a nest with my "bird husband" built of twigs and string. But using those twigs and string to make the most comfortable and beautiful little home I possibly could. My little birdies lived in that nest happily for their entire lives, until their own maturity pushed them out of the little nest. But I continued to put my very best into whatever nest my mate and I occupied, adding special touches to make it home.

My things, are just things. I don't stop grandchildren from touching and playing, and if it's broken, "Oh well!". Individually they don't cost a lot, or mean alot, but wholly they define me.
I couldn't imagine taking a room away from someone, and I couldn't live within one room myself.

My employers laid me off which allowed me to start over entirely. I miss the job, the clients so much. I understand they miss me too which I'm thankful for. Of course I miss the Sun City Ward, my family, and so so many friends. After all I have lived in California since I was 15 1/2 and I am a person who keeps friends close.

Here I am in American Fork, UT. I was one lucky person that Marque and Sarah own a cute little townhouse that was to be vacated exactly when I needed it. That is more than luck I would say. It is so cute. A little colonial style two story that has a living room with a bay window, a dining room, kitchen with a laundry closet and a downstairs guest bathroom. Upstairs there are two large bedrooms and a large bathroom. I will take and post pictures later. I love it! I hope I'm not causing too much of a loss for my landlords...I think I am paying pretty close to what the previous tenants paid (although I think he was generous to them as well). Spending time with them and getting to know my little Leah is so delightful!

Today it was warm enough to go to the play center in back of my house. There are lots of slides and she had such fun. Then we walked Scooter (she calls him Kootoo). After that we walked to McDonalds which is about a block away for some McNuggets and play time with a million American Fork kids who were off school for Presidents Day. Holy Cow!! Leah plays with me like a big doll. She puts me to bed (on the rocking chair in her room) , covers me, gives me a stuffed animal, book, a kiss on my brow, and says "Go to sleep now. I love You. Sweet Dreams". Then she backs out of the room holding her hand up and says "I be right back, one second." Does that give you an idea of her parents rituals with her? Lucky little girl, lucky gramma.

My computer wasn't working for the longest time, but I had enough to do unpacking so I didn't worry too much about it. But Sarah did. She was persistent and got it fixed for me, and also figured out the best internet option, so now I am able to get back to my blogs, facebook, e-mail, and maybe eventually Farmville.

So here I am. I've left family and special friends in California. I appreciate all the farewells and kind words. I have family and special friends here in Utah. My trans-ported Chino friends threw me a welcome party, and I have had so many welcoming words. It is fun looking forward to getting together with more. This week alone I had Leah today, tomorrow I see Vicki who is a Temecula friend, Wednesday I have lunch with Marie who is a Chino Hills, and Virginia friend, Thursday I am going up to see Terry and Karen's new house. They are friends from Sun City. Next weekend I will be spending time with my sister, Lynette and her family.

So you can see how blessed I am. Thank you Marque and Sarah for giving me a place to call my own. A beautiful place.