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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Bliss Family Reunion 2019

We had a great Family Reunion from June 20-23, 2019 in Hurricane, Utah at the Coral Springs Resorts.  It was so much fun to plan and prepare for these dates with the Reunion Squad including Hailey, Madyson, Samantha, Sarah, Cynthia, Grandma and myself.  They turned to the planning into as much fun as the actual reunion....I was rarely stressed.  Their excitement was contagious.  

We were excited that just Mom and Dad's children and grandchildren numbered over 70 attending.  "All because two people fell in love!"  Brandy and her family came from Florida, Gille and Hans came from Ohio, Jason picked up his girls and came from Arizona and South Dakota. Ray and Lyn rounded out their family with Chanz and Mittie even though Chaiz and Shea couldn't make it.   The Bill Bliss family came from Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Washington.  Of course we missed Nathan and Angela who are in Spain, EJ and Sarah in Jerusalem.   Brock Bliss's came from southern California all in attendance except Harrison and his kids from Hawaii.  VeeAnn and her crew came from So Colorado as did Susan and Bill.  We were sorry Florida was too far for Kenneth, Beth and the boys.  David, Maureen and Logan were traveling for work on the East Coast so they couldn't make it.  Becky, Cami and Katie came from Northern California, Joey and Laura from Southern California....they are expecting a new little one!  Our family was well represented with the exception of our Jimmy who was in Corpus Christie, Texas working for FEMA.  Quite a great group.  

I will add pictures at the end of this blog, but wanted to share my thoughts on the last day of the reunion.  I woke up at about 5:00 and couldn't stop feeling grateful for my wonderful family.  It's great to talk about families being forever, but it is another thing to see a Forever Family working it out.  Putting the family as a whole on the pedestal God meant it to be on.  We're not perfect, but we do work at being a family.  My thoughts:

June 23, 2019
I woke up this morning reflecting on what it means to be Bliss, what it means to be family,  More personally what does it mean to be Bliss Family.

I've actually asked others what Bliss means to them.  Some of the replies are Happiness, Serenity, Calm Assurance, Peace, Ignorance is ______,  For sure it's a calm knowing.  

Family is ....EVERYTHING!  It's community, safety, security, non judgement, safe space, love.  What does the word family mean to you?

So we are part of the Bliss Family.  Personally, I can't start explaining without getting to my parents love for each other, I am reminded of my Dad's plaque that said "The greatest gift a Father can give his children is to love their mother."  On their headstone marking Dad's grave we adjusted the saying to read "The greatest gift parents can give their children is to love each other."  There love was always apparent and never questioned.  

Part of their love was teaching us values.  The values of hard work, that laziness was not an option, patriotism, kindness, honoring our elders, ettiquette, to serve, put others first, forgive, have harmony in the home, honesty....what values did you learn?

Another part of the Bliss Family as is true with all families was a little bit of trauma, drama, and pain.  Our parents had to learn how to balance the pain of losing a child with gaining faith about a greater plan that will allow them to see their little boy and their daughter again.    In our family we all learned to lose Karen, Dad, Karen Louise, Samuel too soon.  We also know the peace that they are happy, still watching over us.  We still remember Dad's humor, his hands, his honor.

Our lives as adults have blessed us with those same principles of love, of teaching our children our values, of drama, trauma, and pain.  I have watched other families break apart and cast family aside, but we know and understand those qualities of family that we need.  None of us is an island. even if we are strong we need family.  

Through additional experiences and pains of illness and death, we rally, we are made stronger, we learn to resurrect ourselves and our lives into a more resilient iron man quality.  We've had to forget the trauma and drama of family members choices, we have experienced the power of forgiveness, redemption, grace and harmony.  We have recognized the power of family.

So here we are at this reunion....we see the power of love, values, trauma, drama, and pain.  I saw the love in the children.  Second cousins Lenora and Mikayla's immediate connections which are a little harder as we get older.  I saw so many hugs, lip kisses, sweet tender messages to one another, sharing words of love and humor with our matriarch, Queen Vee.  

Values were apparent as well as we each donated energy to this event.  I'm especially grateful to the "reunion squad" as we called ourselves.  You can't imagine the hours spent in advance of this event.  I especially note that Mady and Hailey gave up whole Saturday's to plan, shop, create with such joy.  Samantha was right their with us, Sarah made signs and lent her creative flair.  Cynthia, who along with Hailey and Mady organized the purchase of the t-shirts.  Mom/Grandma/GrandmaGrandma enjoyed the ongoing comraderie and giving to her Bliss Family gathering.  She didn't know if she would make it, but we all knew she would.  I saw Joey and Laura pitching in to pull tables and chairs together, Brock and Bill take on the Talent Show.  Wow! What talent we all saw displayed. Wasn't that a cute dance Katie and Cami helped the little ones learn? I'm sure Grandpa is smiling in heaven.  Susan's beautiful quilt bring her talent directly back to family.  Lynette, Ray, Brandy and Anthony donating prizes to be drawn.  All of your terrific talents on the food and your beautiful doors.  

Yes, it is apparent that we have learned and passed on values taught by our parents.  Yes, we still have trauma, drama, and pain.  We brought some of that to the reunion with us as well.  It didn't keep us away from this family gathering.  That's FAMILY!  Overcoming the the trauma, drama, and pain, to honor the importance of that word FAMILY.  Other families could crumble, but not the Bliss Family.  We put those unresolved issues into our back pockets and joined together in love and fellowship--showing that the bonds of the Bliss Family can chink, they can contort, but they cannot break.  

Even within the reunion itself we have seen frustration, crossed purposes, words said--but still we survive.  

So my dear wonderful Bliss Family, I bow to you, honor you, embrace you, LOVE you.  We are Bliss, we are family, We are Bliss Family!

Monday, October 1, 2018

Thoughts on a Sunday Morning

Today is Sunday.  I have been listening this morning to old gospel songs sung by Allison Krauss, Vince Gill, and Alan Jackson, and others.  My soul is stirred.  Recognizing that my soul is stirred is one of God's gifts to me.  When this happens my heart fills with gratitude and it goes back to the Lord, the creator of all things.

Truth is everywhere and we must be able to recognize it, and the Lord's hand in it.  I feel gratitude this morning for the small and simple things, and for the large, encompassing things.  God is good.  He gave us these things that we might find joy, peace, love, and through those things we can balance those challenges, anger, hurt and evil.

There is so much division in our world, and particularly in our country right now.  It starts at the top with our leaders and trickles down to us.  We must look to Jesus for his example of love, non-judgement, and just good.  Can we find serenity and peace in a world where there is so much devisiveness and unrighteousness?  Yes, I think we can.  It doesn't mean we have to close our eyes and put our head in the sand. 

It means we must start within ourselves.  Control what we have control over.  Whisper peace to our souls by building our personal relationships with Him.  When we feel the whisperings of the spirit, and we have found peace in the tumultuous world, then we can create a ripple effect to our families. 

Create warmth, security and soul stirring experiences there.  Create a heaven in our homes and with our loved ones.  With that power created in our homes we can ripple out to our communities; our neighborhoods, friends, and church.  Give solace where we find pain, balance fear with hope, give compassion and testify of faith. 

I feel gratitude that music touches my soul and that my ears hear it, and my spirit feels it.  My eyes allow me to see the beauty the Lord has created to balance the evil Satan wants us to see.  I am grateful for good people I have been surrounded by for my whole life, that I had a "safe" place to renew.  My soul feels compassion for those who have pain, encountered their own personal hells.  I want to help them see people, the world, and God through my eyes.  I want to offer hope.

I'm grateful for quiet moments to reflect on these things and all blessings too numerous to count.  I'm thankful today for music, Sundays, and God. 

Friday, January 5, 2018

It's the Beginning of 2018

Christmas has passed, 2018 has just begun.  We had lots of family time with Marque, Sarah, Leah, Dax, Jim, Samantha, Madyson,  and Mom.  Also, visits with Lynette, Ray, Chanz, Ruth, Bill, Susan and Bill.  As a matter of fact Susan and Bill just left this morning.  Mom and I looked at each other and wondered what to do with ourselves now.  We have had several very busy months filled with lots of fun and a little sickness too.  I seemed to have several colds and Mom has been dealing with a bad back.  I also just had cataract surgery the other day.  The adventure we have had certainly outweighed the negative for sure.  I need to do the same thing as Marque and post pictures and life here on my blog.  There is so much to say and I really don't think Facebook is the best place to say it.  The pictures and messages last longer than SnapChat, but not as long as they do on a blog.  Whether that's good or bad I don't know.

Since it is the New Year and I do believe in goal setting, I felt i should write a few words here.  First I want to post my motto and purpose here.  I think I function better when I have a motto, purpose and goals.  It doesn't mean that I am always successful, but it does help me have a road to travel rather than just question marks ahead.  I have set goals for most of my adult life, and have succeeded in some of them, not succeeded in others, and have fallen flat on my face for a good many.  However, I feel I have probably have accomplished more having them, than I would have if I hadn't set any in the first place.  It is also true of having a motto, purpose, and priorities.  It is much easier to know where I am going if I know where I want to be.  Sometimes I call that "living to my obituary".  What do I want people to say about me when I am gone?  Maybe if I make the effort then they will be able to just use my purpose for life to describe my life.  I am not there yet.....long ways off, so I guess I will have to live a lot longer.  Ha ha.

My Motto:
"I start out each day with a spring in my step, twinkle in my eye, and a smile on my lips."

Mission Statement: (Purpose)

"I want to be the me God created me to be.  I will face the world with integrity, unconditional love, a sense of humor, and gratitude.

My greatest desire is to be a light of faith to my family and friends.

My life will be bountiful as I experience growth, nurture others, and recognize God's gifts and glory, and live each moment to the fullest."

Quotes for the year:
"You don't know everything, but you know enough."  Neil L. Anderson

"Let us reflect on the times we responded to the voice of the Lord.  Let us plan to listen and respond to the Lord's voice." 

2018 Goals:

1.  Move my body more

2.  Eat better
     More often
     Better quality

3.  Feed my soul
     Temple Work
     Visiting teaching

4.  Be my purpose
     nurture others

5.  Bless my family

Now what I will need to do is break those down into tiny steps to move forward.  I am a big believer in "Eating the Elephant" one bite at a time.  I'm not sure how I will make this all happen, but the first step is in choosing the goals and then becoming very aware of them, and including them in my day to day life.