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Thursday, January 28, 2010

What a beautiful day!

Even though I drive a long way to work I have to admit I have loved the rain. It is sad to see those suffer who live in the areas of the fires. I'm in the insurance business and recognize how terrible it is to lose your home. But many people have lost their homes in the past couple of years due to the economy and unfortunately it isn't over. We have seen many natural disasters, and financial disasters take away our homes, memories and shelters. We watch people on street corners with signs saying "Homeless, please help, " and it isn't so easy to look past or through them because we all know someone who is homeless, or could be. We identify. I know I have struggled myself since the divorce and having my hours at work cut. So we have to feel the rain, but still look forward to the blessings and joys in our lives. I was in the shower singing two of my favorite songs that lift my spirits in rain, and in the sunshine.

Doesn't Gene Kelly boost the adrenalin? I just always want to sing in the rain! "I'm ', just dancing and singin' in the rain! doo doo doo, doo doo da doo"

Today was a perfect day. Clean, refreshed after a rain. All the dirt and muck is washed from the trees and even the freeway signs. It's nice to not see what you are breathing, and it's just all new. 70 degrees, could it be more perfect? Just kind of the day to look forward with hope to renewal and refreshment of our own lives, and the lives of those we love. Even to those we don't even know, but still care about. "Outside my window I hear a red bird singing...".

Sarah Buxton just captures that hope doesn't she? I know I'm mooshie and gooshie, but dontcha just feel good now?