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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Great Nephews!

I said that I was going to tell you about my awesome nephews, but there has been so much happening in our lives that I haven't done so. But, they are exceptional so here's the scoop!

Jason was my first nephew. He is younger than Jim and older than Scott. When he stayed with us as a baby he heard the kids calling Bud "Daddy" so he called him "Unca Daddy" (so cute) Jason has 3 beautiful daughters and a brand new son. Just wish he was closer! (Lyn's son)

David was 2 lbs 4 ozs when he was born. He is over 6 feet now with pretty large feet. He came from his prematurity with a sight issue, but it doesn't stop David. He has the greatest smile and an awesome attitude. David knows how to give great "Aunt Leslie hugs", nice and strong. (Susan's son)

Kenneth is on his mission in Mississippi. What an awesome missionary he must be. Kenneth is a really valiant guy. I have a beautiful copy of a painting he did kind of like Thomas Kinkade styling. I'm looking forward to hearing about his mission experiences, and what he plans to do next. (Susan's son)

Nathan lived in a household of women. He will always be the "go to" guy for them. He is a musician and artist. Since graduation from BYU Hawaii he is looking forward to going abroad to teach English...maybe one of the Asian countries or one of the areas in the USSR. He has a big smile too! (Bill's son)

Philip loves his Aunt Leslie. I know that for sure because he's not shy about telling me. I love his texts and notes to me on my "MySpace" page. When there is a family gathering he will seek me out to give me a hug. I think all my nephews are special but Philip thinks I am and that's pretty neat. (Brock's son)

Harrison is charismatic. I told him once that he had that special "something extra" that draws people to him. He could lead people anywhere with his great smile and grinning eyes. He creates artistic tattoos. (just writing this shows how much creativity my family has! If it's genetic it missed me.) (Brock's son)

Joey was kind of part of our family when he was little. He and Scott were pals, Marque and Jim teased him like he was their little brother too. Joey casts for MTV and just opened a boutique in Corona Del Mar. He graduated as a graphic designer. He's goofy and sings made up songs on my voice mail. (Becky's son)

See how fortunate I am to have such neat nephews. By the way they are all young adults but they make me feel younger just being around them. Love you guys!

Aunt Les

Monday, September 22, 2008

It's the new me!

Here is my new Blog look for fall. I hope you enjoy all my new features. Have a happy Monday everyone!

Sarah, my sweet daughter in law, despite her busy and exciting life, built this great blogsite for me. She really knows me quite well I think. With the flowers, romantic look, colors, and music she is right on.

Did you see my little grandson? We call him "Baby Boo" because he will be born around Halloween. Since I'm good with nicknames it might enlarged upon. He's looking like he's going to be ready very soon to join the Trosper family. Boy, are we ready!!! It will be our first little boy to carry the family name forward. Marque and Sarah have gone through so much to bring this little guy into the family and we are so grateful to his birthmom Caitlin for knowing they were just the right parents. How lucky is Baby Boo going to be to live in a home so full of love! If you don't know what is happening check out their blog. It is said so much better than I could ever say it.

It has been fun reading Marque and Sarah's blog and jumping to some of the others from theirs. How wonderful it is to peek into others lives and see how well you are all doing. Especially some of those kids I had in Primary, Sunday School, and Seminary. All grown up with your own little kidlets! I know how proud your parents must be, because I certainly feel pride myself!

So thank you Sarah for giving me some class, and thank you visitors for "finding" me and stopping by to catch up a little and take a little stroll down memory lane.

I love you Sarah!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Favorite Nieces!!

This month my niece Camden (Cami) is getting married. I always tell her she's my favorite. She is my favorite, but so is Katie, Monica, Kirstin, Marioly, Anna, Emily, Melanie, Sarah, Karen, VeeAnn, Gillette, Shea, and Brandi.

How can they all be my favorites, you ask? Every Mom, Grandmother, or Aunt knows the answer to that's just possible. They are each and every one so special in their own right, and I love them so much!

Let me try to tell you about them in a word or two starting with the bride-to-be!

Cami is beautiful. She has always been so full of energy. She is friendly, upbeat, and finds good in everyone. She accepts the world as she finds it with no judgement added. She will be an enchanting bride too! Her groom is one lucky man! (Becky's daughter)

Katie is a classic beauty. Her tenacity helped her overcome some pretty major obstacles and she is making us all so proud. She is studying to be a graphic designer. You go girl! She and Cami are a really supportive sister team. (Becky's daughter)

Monica is model material! (All my nieces are beautiful let's face it.) She has long, dark hair, and dark eyes that make her beautiful smile shine. Monica would love to sit on Aunt Leslie's lap and discuss (her) world issues when she was little. (Brock's daughter)

Kirstin is known as Kiki and I think this name fits her perky personality way better. You better have your energy in your backpack when you hang out with Kiki. People love her, as is apparent on her MySpace page.
She will energize the world! (Brock's daughter)

Marioly and I have a special connection because we got to know each other when she was 12 fresh from Bolivia. Scared and unable to speak English we learned to communicate heart to heart. She is an amazing friend, wife, and mother. We still communicate heart to heart. (Brock's daughter)

Anna got her degree in Sociology which is very apropos because I think she could "fix" us all. She and her husband are always on the cusp of a new adventure, in business, music, clothing, or all of the above. Always creative though. She'll be NEAT new Mom in December. (Bill's daughter)

Emily is creative too. She is majoring in Clothing Design in Pasadena. I love keeping tabs on Emily on her MySpace which is always inventive and artistic. She and her siblings have a musical group called the "Space Cowboys" that is especially fun. (Bill's daughter)

Melanie gives the best hugs of all my nieces and that rates HIGH with Aunt Leslie. While overcoming some medical issues she remains positive. She loves to cook and is a good chef. Melanie really expresses how much she loves being part of a large family. (Bill's daughter)

Sarah is the youngest of her generation. She is smart, talented and creative. (Do you see a common thread in all these gals?) My granddaughters love and idolize Sarah. She is very patient and loving to them and that impresses me alot. (Bill's daughter)

Karen died on her 16th birthday but she packed alot of living in those years. In spite of living with the pain and inconvenience of spinal meningitis she was a happy girl. It amazed me when she was a tiny girl that she could express herself so well. She was a valiant soul. (Susan's daughter)

VeeAnn and I became close when we were roomies after my niece Karen passed away. We read and talked into the night. I became "Auntie Wierdo" at that time and it was definitely a term of endearment. VeeAnn was the last radiant bride and is now a Mommy herself. (Susan's daughter)

Gillette was my first little niece and I got to watch her when her Mom worked. She was a cute toddler. Gille has had some tough moments growing up but she is a SURVIVOR. I'm proud of her. I would have been right there for her wedding too but they eloped. (Lyn's daughter)

Shea has embraced her mexican culture and speaks Spanish like it was her first language. She is a good Mommy to Chanz and Chaiz. Shea loves adventure and has lived in many interesting places. She wants to be more settled now and has such a hopeful nature. (Lyn's daughter)

Brandi has really reached out to family and wishes she could be a part of things more. It's hard since she lives pretty far away from everyone. But she keeps in touch through MySpace. I love all her pictures with her family showing her living a traditional family life. (Lyn's daughter)

What a bunch of great nieces! You can see why each of them are my favorite! On my next blog I will share why my nephews are such awesome guys!

Love, Auntie Wierdo